Censored at Lollapalooza

I tend to avoid political commentary on this blog. However, this bit of news really caught my attention:

Pearl Jam posted today that AT&T, the official home of the Lollapalooza webcast, censored a portion of the Pearl Jam song "Daughter".


To the tune of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall", singer Eddie Vedder sang the following:

"George Bush, leave this world alone."



"George Bush find yourself another home."

Both were "missing" from the webcast. Check out this post and the comments for more, particularly this comment


"has anyone noticed the audio cuts out during the amoco song and when eddie begins to sing about george w during another brick in the wall. maybe its me.....at&t??"

Pearl Jam committed no crime, there was no foul language, libel, etc. Simply a singer in a band expressing his opinion about a political leader. Last time I checked, this type of speech was protected by the First Amendment. Of course, just a little diligence shows that the overt cronyism at the FCC via the appointment of Chairman Kevin J. Martin is probably the root of the issue. Like other areas of government (Health and Human Services, NASA, etc) the Bush/Cheney cabal is hard at work to limit dissent. Just like Putin is doing....


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Jeff Jarvis - Give 'em hell!

Jeff Jarvis has been writing some fantastic blog entries lately, essentially questioning the enormous fines being levied by the FCC. His Freedom of Information Act Filing reveals that the Michael Powell isn't quite telling America the truth about a number of things.

Jeff has the cajones to stand up and point out what the major media companies are afraid to do and now Jeff is under attack for his stance.

Give 'em hell, Jeff.