Third Eye Blind “Ursa Major” Ships/Big Amazon Sale


After months (and months and months) of waiting, Third Eye Blind has shipped “Ursa Major”. It was years in the making; we even had to live through a greatest hits package.

I started getting excited about the release when 3EB posted the “Red Start” EP on iTunes. The live version of “Why Can’t You Be” was awesome (and honestly, I was a little disappointed in the studio version). I’ve had Ursa Major on “repeat” all day and can say I am definitely getting into the disc.

Note that Amazon has it on sale (mp3 version) for $3.99 for a limited time.

Lance Armstrong Rocks

The Tour De France started on 7/4 – not sure if you are watching it, but already it has been great. The “old guy” Lance Armstrong is attempting a comeback and if Stage 3 is anything like the rest of the race, he just might do it.

Great tweet from him this morning, probably made the guys in Iron Maiden smile.

The Raconteurs Get What Prince Does Not

I received the following email from The Raconteurs today:

We are in the process of creating a live section of our website and need your assistance. We’ll have different areas where you can view video footage and photos from tour dates as well as hear select audio for some shows.

Here’s where we need your help, we’ve been scouring youtube for some video content that fans have shot at past shows and we’ll be adding some of that footage to the site. If you have footage you haven’t yet added to youtube please add it and feel free to send a link to the video for review to , be sure to include show date, venue, city name and video credit.

Jack White and company understand the value of their fans recording content and making it available on YouTube. Their aim isn’t to necessarily sell more records (recall that this is the band that broke all the rules for their most recent album, Consolers of the Lonely), it is to bring in people to their live shows.

Contrast this with how Prince handles his fans, and the differences couldn’t be more stark. Can you imagine Prince emailing his fan base and asking “If you have footage you haven’t yet added to youtube please add it…”?


The Future Is Unwritten

Somehow I missed it, but Julien Temple put together a documentary about the life of Joe Strummer entitled "Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten". Shown at the Sundance Film Festival, it looks to be released on DVD soon (Netflix shows an unknown release date and Amazon doesn't have it listed at all) Strummer was a member of "The Only Band That Matters" and has quite an interesting history, pre and post-Clash. There aren't a ton of (good) books about the Clash so hopefully the DVD will help fill the void. Thanks to Paul for the tip

Kings of Leon At The Marquee

After reading Fred's raving posts about the Kings of Leon, I was lucky enough to catch them at the Marquee Club in Phoenix last night.

They didn't disappoint.

At different points of the show, I almost felt like I was watching a new millennium version of the Ramones. Many of their songs were two minutes or less, played loud and fast. I lost track of how many tunes they ran through - I would guess it was about 30 (all in under 2 hours!). We were treated to many of the songs off Aha Shake Heartbreak which were incredible to see and hear.

The Kings also played a good number of songs off their most recent release, Because of The Times. As I was hoping, they played Arizona, which given the location of the gig, went over pretty well with the packed house. The melody of the song, as well as Knocked Up's are burned in my brain. I spent a number of hours squirreled away, the disc on repeat, wiring up Struts and Scriptalicious (along with StrutsTestCase)

Overall, an incredible show.

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Hoodoo Gurus in Solana Beach

On Tuesday night, I was lucky enough to catch the Hoodoo Gurus at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. This was the sixth of ten shows in the U.S. and it showed - the Gurus were in great form! The Belly Up was a very cool venue with good lighting and sound.

You can find the set list here.

The Gurus delved heavily into their older stuff, with a surprising number of songs from their first two discs (Lelani was a highlight). I saw them in San Francisco on their last tour, 13 years ago. Hopefully they'll be back before 2020.




New Discs: Mother Hips and Ball-Point Birds

Mother Hips

They created and toured heavily for their best disc to date ("Green Hills of Earth"). Rolling Stone critic Bill Crandall rated it as his Top Album of 2001. They went on "hiatus" (much of it documented in the awesome "Stories We Could Tell"). Most people took to mean that they broke up. There was the occasional show, then a few mini-tours and now this:



Kiss The Crystal Flake, the new studio album by California’s The Mother Hips, will be released April 3 on New York based-indie Camera Records. It is the follow up to the acclaimed Red Tandy EP (Camera Records, 2005) and the first full album for The Hips since 2001’s Green

Hills of the Earth. Featuring 12 new songs Kiss The Crystal Flake reintroduces the world to The Mother Hips’ own brand of California rock, blending a natural psychedelia with their own 21st century musicianship and songwriting. It is produced by The Mother Hips with Badman Recording Co. founder Dylan Magierek (Mark Kozelek, Call and Response, Erlend Oye.)


“Many things have come our way,” said singer/guitarist Greg Loiacono. “Opportunities, challenges, gifts, hard times and misfortune. Kiss the Crystal Flake is about embracing everything. It's about standing face to face with whatever comes.


"This album is almost like a debut album for us,” explains singer/guitarist Tim Bluhm. “It is very different from anything we recorded in the past. You know that saying about wishing you knew then what you know now? Kiss The Crystal Flake is that coming true."


The Mother Hips will tour the U.S. in support of Kiss The Crystal Flake.


I'm stoked :-) They are even touring the East Coast, something that hasn't happened much previously.


I first heard Tim and Greg back when they were in a group called "Allie and the Cats" (the two of them and a female singer named, you guessed it, Allie). Some friends and I accidentally stumbled upon them playing at a party, and only because we heard someone playing Zeppelin's "That's The Way" (we had to climb a few fences to find them!). There have been some departures over the years (first Mike, then Issac) and rough patches. It is great to see that they are giving it another shot. Count me in for a pre-order


Ball-Point Birds



On a similar note, Greg and Tim have a side project, "Ball-Point Birds". Their first CD was great - it stayed in my CD player for a long time. They recently announced that their latest disc "Two Discover" is coming out (you can order it here) and that they are doing a release party at Cafe Du Nord on 2/20/2007. The disc is self-released, so it is available only on their website and at shows. Spread the word!

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Hoodoo Gurus: US Tour Dates

A few US tour dates for the Hoodoo Gurus are starting to leak out:

  1. BB Kings in NY, NY on 3/20
  2. The Belly Up in Solona Beach on 3/27

The Gurus called it quits a few years back, put out some Persian Rugs CDs, played on some Monarchs discs and eventually un-retired. The big push to reform came when they recorded the Australian National Rugby League Theme, a modified version of "What's My Scene" entitled "That's My Team". The tune was recorded as a fundraiser and cracked the Top 40 chart. They never hit it big on MTV (chronicled in Blue Cave's "Down on Me") but have a dedicated following in Australia, the US and Brazil. The Gurus began playing select dates in Australia and have finally decided to take another shot at America.

If you haven't seen the documentary section of "Tunnel Vision", I highly recommend it. I last saw the Gurus in 1987 in San Francisco - did they deliver. A great set played with a ton of energy.

Looking forward to more dates being added!


SxSW on 3/17

Update #2


  1. SXSW - Aussie Bar B Q show (3pm) / Pop Culture Press party (6pm) - 3/16
  2. NY - show BB Kings - 3/20
  3. Phil. - show World Cafe - 3/21
  4. Toronto - show Horseshoe Tavern - 3/23
  5. Chicago - show Abbey - 3/25
  6. Aspen - show Belly Up - 3/26
  7. San Diego - show Belly Up - 3/27
  8. Los Angeles - show El Rey Theatre - 3/29
  9. Los Angeles (Anaheim) - show House Of Blues - 3/30
  10. San Francisco - show Cafe de Nord - 3/31

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