Kings of Leon At The Marquee

After reading Fred's raving posts about the Kings of Leon, I was lucky enough to catch them at the Marquee Club in Phoenix last night.

They didn't disappoint.

At different points of the show, I almost felt like I was watching a new millennium version of the Ramones. Many of their songs were two minutes or less, played loud and fast. I lost track of how many tunes they ran through - I would guess it was about 30 (all in under 2 hours!). We were treated to many of the songs off Aha Shake Heartbreak which were incredible to see and hear.

The Kings also played a good number of songs off their most recent release, Because of The Times. As I was hoping, they played Arizona, which given the location of the gig, went over pretty well with the packed house. The melody of the song, as well as Knocked Up's are burned in my brain. I spent a number of hours squirreled away, the disc on repeat, wiring up Struts and Scriptalicious (along with StrutsTestCase)

Overall, an incredible show.

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