GoDaddy is a Fraudster's Paradise

I found a mysterious charge from on my credit card bill this morning. Never having done any business with GoDaddy, I immediately thought "FRAUD"

After waiting on hold for 10 minutes, a rep with GoDaddy told me the charge was for a domain called something like "". The rep canceled the charge and initiated a fraud investigation.

I then called my credit card issuer (First USA/United Mileage Plus) and told them about the charge. Their first step was to cancel my account, which of course means that I will have to contact any merchant that automatically posts a monthly charge to my account.

Bottomline: GoDaddy has horrible fraud protection (see image below) as they can't even bother to ask for the CVV on Internet orders (what a joke). Wonder how many of the "new" customers they acquired from their Superbowl ad are actually valid/not fraudulent. My credit card issuer shafts me by canceling my account and leaving me to clean up the mess. I asked to have any internet-based, non-CVV authorization requests automatically denied - this "wasn't possible".

Looks like all the credit card PR effort about protecting identities is just hot air.

GoDaddy - you suck. Get a clue in the Internet age.

FirstUSA - you suck. Get a clue about customer service. No wonder fraud is a growing percentage of the credit card business.

Update: Looks like GoDaddy ads are appearing for some people. Don't do it! Also, me thinks Google has some work to do. Nothing like paying money to have your ad show up next to an article about how your service sucks.



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That is ridiculous, what a joke. GoDaddy sucks. Please post back if they fix it.
I have no idea why GoDaddy doesn't ask for the CVV - it's something every on-line merchant should do. Unfortunately, it isn't required by the card companies. But don't think for a minute that they don't pay the price for it. They probably get nailed for a $15-25 chargeback fee every time they get a fraudulent card order. And, for reasons I won't go into in this post, CVV ain't all it's cracked up to be anyhow.
Tom Mahoney, Director
Love how Google ads are advertising Go Daddy on your page. I clicked it. Not because I give a damn about GoDaddy... But doesn't my clicking the Google ad make GoDaddy have to pay for the ad?
take that!