GoDaddy, Day 2

Someone from GoDaddy's fraud department phoned this morning (they told me yesterday morning it would be a few hours, not a day later)

Jennifer from the "Fraud Department" told me that the perpetrator used my physical address and phone number (off by at least a digit) when ordering the domain name(s). She would not however, provide any of the following information without a subpoena:

* domain(s) ordered
* email address the order verification was sent to
* requesting IP address

Someone has provided my personal data to GoDaddy, committing a crime and GoDaddy won't divulge this information without legal action on my part? What in the world are these people thinking? Truly frightening. To make matters worse, she refused to even provide a phone number for GoDaddy's legal department. Guess I'll have to call 411 for Scottsdale and ask.



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Yep. Welcome to the real world of credit card fraud. If you look at GoDaddy's TOS, you'll probably find in there somewhere where it says that they won't give personal information out - and I'll bet it doesn't say, "unless you're a crook."
You didn't say in your other post if your local police took a report. Insist on it. Also report it to the Scottsdale PD. Don't take no for an answer - send them mail with copies of everything you have.
I have to agree, it isn't right, but they are not going to give you the information without a subpoena. They can't. And think about it, what could you do if you did have it?
When they get your chargeback, they'll pull the domain and the perpetrator won't have it.
Tom Mahoney, Director
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Tom -
Thanks for the info. I called my local police dept and they sent me to
Re: specific info - I want this info as I want to find out two things:
1. Was this crime committed by someone I know (i.e. someone who has access to personal info of mine)
2. Was the person who did this in the US? This is important because GoDaddy has told me several times how great their security is. If the person who used my card did so from say, Nigeria, or even outside the U.S., then I would have to say GoDaddy has completely fallen down on the job.