Two Twitter Apps of Value

Twitter is great but, as you might have noticed, missing a few features.

Two apps I’ve been using to help round out the Twitter feature set:

  • Twimailer – Twitter makes it tough to know when you have new followers. It is even tougher to know if you want to follow them back. Twimailer addresses this by pushing an email to you every time a person starts following you. They provide a fairly rich message, including the person’s profile, recent tweets and number of followers/following.
    A good number of follows I receive on a daily basis are pure spam. Twimailer makes it easy to quickly determine if the follow is legitimate and if I should follow the person back.
  • TweetBeep – Great tool to stay apprised of conversations you care about – people compare it to Google Alerts.
    Personally, I use it a bit differently; tired of missing @replies, I set up a search that emails me when people tweet replies to me (@davehod). Super useful, especially when I’m away from my Seesmic client for any length of time.