top3Clicks on Facebook – New/Improved/Simpler UI

Mike has a new post up on the recent UI changes we made to top3Clicks.

Following the “Startup Metrics for Pirates” model from Dave McClure (“aarrr”, or Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue), our current area of focus is on Retention.

Using Facebook ads, we are able to acquire customers, who by and large, are having a “happy” first experience. The UI changes we made recently are designed to work on user engagement with the site (i.e. getting users to return many times). As Mike details, we have made a number of changes to streamline the UI and improve the overall experience. Based on the next round of ads, we will be able to ascertain if the changes improved our Retention metric.

The overall cycle we’ve been following:

* add a feature 
* test user response via FB ads
* tweak/repeat.

Based on prior experiences (iPrint, MessageCast), the cost of all this is relatively inexpensive and a great way to evolve the application.