Top 20 VC Bloggers OPML

Eric Schonfeld has a Techcrunch post this morning on the latest edition of Larry Cheng’s Top 100 VC bloggers (list is based on the number of subscribers each blog has on Google Reader)

To avoid having to add each blog manually in your feed reader, I made an OPML file of the Top 20 bloggers on the list available here



Quick refresher on how to import OPML into Google Reader from the FAQ:

11. Can I import an existing subscription list?
If you're switching from another feed reader, you can import your existing subscriptions into Google Reader. To do this, you first have to export your subscriptions in a standard format called OPML (see the next question to learn how to do this). Once you have your OPML file, go back to Google Reader and click "settings" at the top right, then "import/export." Choose the location of your OPML file and click "import"; Google Reader will add all the subscriptions in the list to your account and start checking them for updates