Sharing Videos on top3Clicks

Bacon has a post up about the latest top3Clicks release – video sharing.

Users have been able to create channels for their favorites (The Clash channel has been a particular favorite of mine. More of users seem to have American Idol for some reason…) and were able to share a channel with a friend. Now top3Clickers can go one further and recommend a specific video to a friend.

There were a number of challenges getting the sharing/video functionality working properly. A heavy combination of FBJS, FBML and elbow grease were *almost* enough to get it working. We did hit one roadblock with the fb:swf tag not working in a certain use case. Jerry Cain of Facebook was extremely diligent in tracking down and fixing this issue (he is now an official member of the BaconMarathon Hall of Fame). Thanks Jerry!

Check it out and let us know what you think.