SF Podcasting March Meetup

I attended the SF Podcasting March Meetup, which was held at Tommy's Joynt on Geary and Van Ness tonight. It was a great place to meet, decent food, lots of beer -- very informal setting.

Michael Butler of Rock and Roll Geek Show fame was kind enough to setup the meeting. Approximately 30 people turned up - podcasters, listeners, budding entrepreuners, etc.

Doug Kaye guided a 30-45 minute discussion where the group talked about several different topics, including:

- Eric Rice/Warner Brothers/The Used announcement (Eric showed up a bit later and gave us a run-down of the sponsorship).

- Doug discussed OurMedia.org and the relationship to the Internet Archive. He provided some interesting stats on the staggeringly large amount of bandwidth that IA has available

- Jack Herrington gave a brief overview of the O'Reilly title he is working on entitled "Podcasting Hacks"

- Equipment and recording. Lots of comments about prices, specific setups, etc

There was quite a bit of energy to the meeting. Definitely feels like people are psyched about Podcasting and the future. It was great to be able to put faces to the email IDs and voices .. and I got to razz Michael Butler about his GPS :-) I think about 40-50% of the people there were recording in some form or fashion. As I was leaving, the Beercast crew was just getting rolling, along with the SayYum husband/wife team.