RSS Enclosures and Bittorrent

Here's an interesting blog about what it takes to locate and retrieve a Wilco cover of an old Blue Oyster Cult Song:

This effort required to integration of about eight web services, most of which were supplied by individuals, not businesses.

Web Service #1 - Wilcoworld webcasts the Fillmore Show live over the internet

Web Service #2 - Somebody records the internet stream using Total Recorder

Web Service #3 - HappyKev uploades the Bittorrent of the show into etree

Web Service #4 - Wilcobase posts the setlist from the Fillmore show

Web Service #5 - Bloglines shows me the setlist via RSS

Web Service #6 - I find the torrent on etree and download it using Azureus

Web Service #7 - I convert the files to MP3 using dbPowerAmp

Web Service #8 - I blog it using Typepad

Too many steps involved, no doubt. If you think about it, shouldn't content be encapsulated with enclosures? This would cut out a lot of the work that needs to go away if content delivery via enclosures is ever going to be successful.

I guess it comes down to a few questions:

1. When does TIVO (and other DVRs) add the ability to retrieve torrents?
2. When does Windows XP recognize a torrent out of the box and handle it accordingly? (Probably some others??)

To reach ubiquity, both of these things will have to happen. I have no complaints being on the bleeding edge (that is where the fun is), but until it is automagic, adoption will be slow.

Update: Blogtorrent is an open-source project enabling the RSS enclosures piece. Check it out.