Rocketboom announced the winner of their first ad sale (BusinessWeek write-up) One week and $40k later, an ATM and photocopy service will now have their ad on Rocketboom for a week in March. This is interesting on so many levels:

  • Public auction on eBay for ad inventory
  • Advertisers *are* willing to buy ads on bleeding edge video
  • Diminishing value of a broadcasting license

I watch Rocketboom via my Tivo. My experience has been that I hardly miss Rocketboom anymore; previously it was hit and miss, even though the feed was in my aggregator (Bloglines), etc. Tivo should do more of this, perhaps even go crazy and let *me*, the consumer, subscribe to my own video streams.

As I have noted previously, I'd be getting nervous if I were a broadcaster. That FCC license wasn't cheap and as the music labels can attest, once the distribution of content isn't monopolized, the value of the distributor drops. In the case of Rocketboom, the content is retrieved over IP (HTTP?), not through a major network affiliate.