Random List of Books I've Read Lately

I've read a bunch of books lately, including:

  • Brilliant, Crazy, Cocky - Sarah Lacy. Incredibly interesting book about entreprenuer's in China, Brazil, etc. Tom Friedman already has me concerned enough about the future competitveness of U.S. and this book just added to it.
  • The 48 Laws of Power - wow, super dense. This book took me a lonnnng time to read. Each law can be read in 20 mins or less, but digesting one can take days. This book is best read a little at a time. Highly recommended.
  • Red: Sammy Hagar - continuing on with my journey reading rock biographies. This book was actually well written and entertaining. I had no idea that Hagar was raised in near poverty in SoCal - good story about someone who worked hard for everything they have.
  • Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us - interesting book on the psychology of motivation. Pink quantifies something I learned (more than once) as a co-founder - nothing beats intrisic motivation. Not salary, title, bonus etc. People shine when they are passionate.
  • Bossypants - Tina Fey. I am a huge Tina Fey/30 Rock fan. Don't buy this book, it is surprisingly awful.