Quora – A better FriendFeed/Aardvark?

Dave was kind enough to send me a Quora invite last week. After a few days of trying out the service, I am already hooked.

Quora has a lot of the elements of two services I love: Friendfeed and Aardvark. As Friendfeed is working towards a slow death, I’ve been on the lookout for a something to possibly replace it (I realize that  Quora does not centralize all my tweets etc etc but it *does* provide a place to engage in dialogue about topics of interest, which was always the true value of Friendfeed.)

I’ve made a n00b mistake or two, confused by some of the UI (like this):

Now I’m hoping they expose an API so I can create a killer Firefox add-on like this (which I just submitted an update for 3.6 and up…waiting for approval)  Maybe I can talk sandosh into helping …