PersistentFan Graduates to Beta

Bacon has a post up about PersistentFan leaving invite-only mode.

We’re not quite ready for primetime, calling it an early Beta instead. Like many things, we have a zillion ideas to try out and will continue to rev the service. Check it out if you have a chance.

Here’s a few sample channels to test drive with:

You can also see what other people are watching

If you are a big fan of Jersey Shore or want to keep up with the latest from the disaster in Haiti, PersistentFan enables you to:

  • Create channels of interest that persistently search for new content
  • Receive email notifications when new content is available (you receive these as they are discovered or on a daily or weekly basis)
  • Share your favorites to Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Keep up with video feeds of Twitter’s trending topics

PersistentFan was built with open source, Java, Linux, Apache, Tomcat, mod_jk, mysql, junit, Struts, AWS (EC2 and S3), Javascript and plenty of