MySocial 24x7 Firefox Plug-in Broken/Fixed

The MySocial 24x7 Firefox plug-in for FriendFeed is easily my most utilized Firefox app.

I can post, reply, "like", etc with all comments threaded - just fantastic. Unfortunately the developer, sandosh, decided a few months back to stop supporting the project. Once Firefox 3.0.x came out, the application wouldn't work out of the box anymore. (To resolve the 3.0.x issue, I set the option "extensions.checkCompatibility" to false as documented here.)

Recently, Friendfeed made a change to their API, requiring all API POSTs to use the domain and rejected (with an HTTP 405 response code) any POST using the IP address of I opened up a bug with Friendfeed and supplied a netmon trace of a sample "like" POST. Gary Burd jumped on it and quickly figured out the problem.

As sandosh is no longer working on the project, I took a crack at making this change as follows:

1. Grab mysocial24x7.jar from <yourFirefoxProfile>/extensions/ffbar@sandosh/chrome

2. Unzip, edit ffbar.js, search/replace "" with "".

3. Update the jar with this file (zip -u mysocial24x7.jar content/scripts/*)

4. Restart Firefox.

You can also grab the modified .jar here

I noticed that the Twitter login functionality is now broken as well. Let me know if there is a fix out there for this.