Media Metrics: Wallstrip Episode recently posted an interview they did with’s James Altucher.

The number of times the episode was viewed on YouTube since 1/18/2007 looks like this:


The number of times the episode was viewed on Revver since 1/18/2007 looks like this:

The data shows that Wallstrip has a larger audience on Revver, which has a much smaller user base than YouTube.

There are a number of other interesting metrics to compare (number of ratings for example), however Revver is not currently populating this info in their API results.


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I just left this comment over on WallStrip:
"That’s not really a fair comparison. Keep in mind that the “on revver” views include all the views from this site’s (wallstrip's) revver embed plus all the WallStrip widgets on other blogs."
So those "on revver" views aren't really on, they're on the Revver player, wherever it may be embedded around the web. A big part of our strategy was to get our (revver) widget spread around the web so it should be no surprise that a good percentage of our views are via revver.
Any thoughts on why you chose Revver over say, YouTube? Revver tracks a subset of information that other video sites do and doesn't support comments.