Media Metrics - A Few Examples

I've spent my free time over the last 4 months on various projects - some will never see the light of day and others might be interesting to a broader population. Each of the issues I've dug into came from personal need - I wanted to be able to do something but couldn't find an available service/website.

One of the areas I dug into was media - I've been interested in podcasts for quite a while and after having way too many YouTube links sent my way, I've become very interested in the video space. Based on a personal wish to be able to track certain media across properties, I created a platform to aggregate metrics for media. The platform has a solid set of APIs and currently collects data from YouTube, Grouper and Revver (more on the way). A few sample charts are shown below:


1. A chart comparing the number of views of "Home" on YouTube and Revver, from 12/21 to 1/1, in large format.




2. A chart for "Home", in large format, showing the number of comments and the number of times the video was rated on YouTube over the same period.



3. "Tornado Chasers Get Chased", in medium and small formats, from Grouper

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