Maui: Kaanapali 10k Run

We spent the last week in Kaanapali and were able to get in some decent runs. The 10k below had some good hills (my Garmin says it was 1377 feet of incline), great scenery and was runnable at 5:30am HST.

Course directions

Starting out on Nohea Kai Drive:

  • Head north on Kaanapali Parkway
  • Turn right on Kekaa Drive, heading up the hill past the golf course
  • At the top of the hill, take an immediate right onto Kualapa Loop (more uphill)
  • Turn left at the 2nd stop sign (Puu Anoano Street). Look down the hill for a great view of the ocean and Lanai.
  • Turn left on Puukoii Road and head the down the hill and cross Hwy 30 at the light.
  • Turn left on Kai Ala Drive, run to the end of the court. Follow the “Beachfront This Way” signs (this is approximately Mile 4). This part is a little tricky, so stay on your toes.
  • Follow Kekaa Drive to the bottom of the golf course, turning left on Kaanapali Parkway
  • Just before the end of the street, look for the “Shoreline Access” sign/path. Follow this to the beach.
  • Take the beach path until it ends. Cross the bridge, past the cemetery and continue on to Hanakaoo Beach Park (aka Canoe Beach). Take a quick breather as this is Mile 5.
  • Turn around, run back along the path to Nohea Kai Drive.

Staying cool/hydrated is sometimes a challenge for me in humid environments (the Bay Area has very low humidity). I find my fluid intake is about 50% higher when running here vs. running at home. Also, cooling down takes longer; make sure to allow time to walk at least 5 minutes after completing the run.