Laptops for everyone

Recently, I was reminded how important machine portability is the age of broadband/WiFi/VPN. Not that this is new to anyone, but I had an experience where a Developer was spending quite a bit of time keeping his environments (office and home) in synch.

He and I went over his machine requirements and decided a desktop was the way to go. He was pleased with the performance, etc. However, it wasn't too long before he was doing the occasional task remotely. He noticed immediately that a laptop would have been much more convenient. Unforunately, the dollars from the budget have been spent and acquiring a laptop for him isn't in the cards at the moment.

Which brings me to a basic tenet for my newly created "20 Rules of Entreprenuership" -- get everyone a laptop! No more desktops. The ability to work remotely is a requirement in this day and age, not a luxury (Of course, this ties into the corollary "Provide VPN Access to the Network")