La Bamba Wins Best Burrito

My all time favorite burrito joint has won a “Best Of” award from the Palo Alto Daily. I’ve been a regular customer since we started iPrint in 1996 and were leasing space from NASA at Moffett Field. It was just a short drive away and way better than the NASA cafeteria food.

Now celebrating 20 years of business, this family-owned restaurant is no stranger to the voting public. La Bamba Taqueria serves traditional Mexican and Salvadorian dishes including the famous nearly foot-long burrito. A model of political transparency, you can watch your burrito as it is made, starting with the bare tortilla and finishing with a tightly wrapped totable lunch. No "mystery meat" here! Don't let the long lines fool you, the staff is quick to handle the masses, proving that the concepts of open government and the Palo Alto Process are not mutually exclusive. Lastly, caution with the salsa, it may not look intimidating but boy, does it bite. 2058 Old Middlefield Road, Mountain View; 650-965-2755

Congrats guys!