Joint Venture Silicon Valley - State of the Valley Conference 2015

Joint Venture Silicon Valley held the annual State of the Valley Conference today and it was, as expected, phenomenal.

I've been a board member at JVSV for the last two years and am always impressed by the excellent Russell Hancock, President/CEO of JVSV. Russ and team work hard all year for this event and it shows.

One of the most interesting parts of the day for me is the data-rich (geek heaven!) presentation that leads off the conference. JVSV issues the "Silicon Valley Index", a study of the local economy, housing, venture capital and other important aspects of Silicon Valley metrics. There is a ton of data, so much so that it doesn't all fit in the report - JVSV has launched a website to allow everyone to dig more into the numbers - you can find it at

Data from the study quickly made its way into various stories in the media and will likely be quoted widely.

Kudos to everyone at JVSV - can't wait until next year