Hybrid Clouds - Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group

Last night I attended the Cloud Computing Group’s meeting on Hybrid Clouds.

The guest presenter was Paul Lancaster from GoGrid. Paul attempted to get through his slide deck (about 12 slides) in a timely fashion. However, there were so many questions/opinions that his presentation took over an hour. The questions varied widely – one high-level observation is that “cloud computing” still means many things to many people. Also, the cloud experience level of the audience was all over the map, with some just learning about the concept and others quite experienced with a particular vendor (AWS, etc).

GoGrid’s particular cloud offering was interesting and quite a bit different than AWS. However, being the AWS fanboy that I am, I didn’t find GoGrid compelling enough to warrant a switch. Of particular note, they are privately funded with ~130 employees. Given the costs of infrastructure, I would worry about their ability to geolocate, QoS and scaling in general.

I’m looking for a copy of the slidedeck and will add if I can find it online.