Hooked on FourSquare

Every morning, I wait with baited breath. Pushing the “Check-in here” button on my iPhone, I peer at the screen, waiting for the thing that will instantly make my day.

It happened a few times, but somehow, I lost it. I can’t explain why, but I want it back.

I want to the Mayor of my local Starbucks again.  “AJ F.” stole the title from me last week and I’m left wondering if I will ever get it back. My wife thinks I’m nuts. Bacon officially labeled me a “junkie”.



















It isn’t the super cool geo-location (which apparently Gowalla does better??), nor the info my social graph provides. The bugs/UI might drive some folks nuts (e.g. I go to the same place every morning, but it never shows up in my list. I have to type out “S-t-a-r-b-u-c-k-s” every time, wait for the service to respond with a list of Starbucks and scroll through to find my local place).






I can’t explain it … I guess this means I’m a Foursquare fanboi now. And I’m ok with that.