Facebook Comments Have One Bad Interface

We’re busy creating new UI for PersistentFan, including the addition of Facebook comments. Having comments on each video is something we’ve been after for a while, especially comments that have a built-in social graph.

Imagine my surprise, after fighting with the pretty simple plug-in markup, to discover that Facebook comments are pretty awful from an interface perspective.

Here’s a basic example from the Facebook Social Plug-ins page

Facebook Comments


Note that I’ve entered a comment and checked the box to have it published in my news feed, which is shown below

fb:comments in news feed

It is pretty hard to figure out what the context of the comment is (i.e. what is the comment in regards to? Shouldn’t there at least be a snippet of the site the comment was from?) and the citation of the source URL certainly doesn’t help.

At least with a like from the comment plug-in, a friend could have somewhat of an idea about the content:

fb:like in news feed

This feature is definitely a #fail in my book.