Calcanis Leaves AOL

Apparently Jason Calcanis has resigned from his position at AOL today. Jason's Weblogs, Inc was acquired by AOL approximately a year ago. Perhaps his holdbacks (clawbacks) are complete and he chose to leave. (I'm wonder if it is tied in any way to Ross Levinsohn leaving Fox Interactive today? Ross Levinsohn was onstage just last week at Web 2.0 talking about how great it is at Fox Interactive.) Overall, I'm not surprised Calcanis has chosen to leave. He alluded to some of the restrictions he was feeling at AOL on the Gillmor Gang a while back. In the big picture, it is hard for a large acquirer like AOL to keep the founder of a company they purchase. Founders tend to think in big (sometimes bold) strokes. They generally like to formulate an idea and MOVE quickly. Perhaps Jason was feeling less than agile at AOL and is now off to do his Next Thing.

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