BestBuy Acquires Speakeasy?

I'm a long-time customer of Speakeasy - sure they cost a little more than SBC and others, but their service is great. I've had an account with them since 1998 with no complaints.

This morning, Bruce Chatterly, the CEO, sent an email to the Speakeasy customer base with the following news:

I am pleased to announce that Speakeasy has been acquired by Best Buy, an innovative and growing Fortune 100 company and the top consumer electronics retailer in North America. This is a significant milestone for our company as our new relationship will help us realize our goals of becoming the No. 1 provider of voice and data solutions to small businesses. It is important to note that though Speakeasy will now be a wholly owned subsidiary of Best Buy, we will continue to operate as a standalone, independent operating division with headquarters in Seattle.

The DSL/ISP space isn't one I watch closely, but this one sure seems like it is from left field. Best Buy in the ISP business?

Here's hoping that this remains true:

How will this change affect my service?

There will be no change or interruption to your existing service or level of customer support. All aspects of your service will continue to be managed by Speakeasy.

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