And You Thought Twitter Jumped the Shark When Oprah Signed Up

So many of us thought Twitter had truly jumped the shark a few weeks ago.

Was it the Ashton Kutcher race with CNN to get to a million followers? Or the very high profile Oprah sign-up/usage on national TV. Maybe it was all the follow-up stories about how 60% of new Twitter users quit after a month.


Yesterday though, it became official. The other shark-jumping signs were just head fakes compared to this one: Steve Gillmor (of Attention Xml fame – yeah, remember that one?) posted on TechCrunch that RSS is dead (“Rest in Peace, RSS”). Who exactly killed RSS? Why Twitter of course.

Yes, those 140 characters of wonder have replaced any and all value that RSS brings. Steve argues that the real-time nature of Twitter is so superior that Fred Wilson’s latest Boxee post just smokes in Twitter but sucks in RSS.

Steve, get real.

Twitter is great. RSS ain’t dead. Long live RSS (and Atom :-))