Top3Clicks – Adding YouTube as an Igniter to drive return visits

We''ve been super busy over at the BaconMarathon Labs lately. Mike has put up the second of three posts, this time detailing our efforts to drive return visits to the app on Facebook.


Experimenting with Facebook ads has driven some quality traffic to Top3Clicks. We then turned our attention to driving repeat traffic via a concept we call "Igniters". Mike details one such implementation we did via YouTube.

The Clash - Live At Shea Stadium

(cross-posted at the BaconMarathon blog)

If you are like me and a fan of The Only Band That Matters (The Clash), you might know that the surviving members just released a stellar live show that was recorded weeks before their demise.

Live At Shea Stadium was recorded on the Combat Rock tour when The Clash was opening for The Who. Overall, the band, sound quality and song selection is top notch.


I also picked up the latest DVD, Live Revolution Rock,

which features the band over several years in a number of venues -- *and* I also ordered the forthcoming book, "The Clash", written by the band.

I wasn't aware that Live At Shea Stadium was forthcoming, I actually learned about it via Top3Clicks, watching The Clash, which was really motivating. The latest feature (news feed integration) was written listening to the Shea Stadium gig and the DVD.

Portland Marathon 2008 – Finisher!

Last Sunday (10/5/2008), we ran the Portland Marathon.

The vast majority of the course was the same as last year, with only a minor change crossing back over the river at mile 24. (Yes, the St. John’s Bridge kicked my butt again.)

Unlike last year however, it rained, starting around Mile 9 all the way through the finish! Unlike last year, I left my rain gear in the hotel as it wasn’t supposed to rain at race time (doh!). At the start, the temperature was 52 degrees (F), which meant short sleeve weather. Even with the rain, the temperature never dipped below 50 degrees.

My finish was 3 minutes slower than last year, however, given the fact that I missed the first 8 weeks (out of 16) of training due to “snapping hip syndrome” (I couldn’t even run on a treadmill until week 5), I was very satisfied with my finish. Like last year, the iPod was essential after Mile 20 (and I didn’t have to hide my headphones like I did at the Napa Valley Marathon)

Overall, here's how the run rates in my book:

Organization - Incredible. Very well organized and staffed. Grade: A

Course - Fairly scenic, a few "industrial" spots that could have been avoided. Grade: B+

Aid-stations - Well staffed and stocked, approximately every 2 miles. Numerous gummi-bear stops, along with neighborhood kids handing out jellybeans (Although the honey-based energy gel was nasty) Grade: A

Swag - Long sleeve, dri-fit shirt. Grade: A

Bonus: Dinner at the Bridgeport Brewery. Grade: A+

Portland Marathon Goes mp3 Friendly


When we ran the Napa Valley Marathon in March, we had to hide our headphones/iPods, lest they be taken away by race officials. Fortunately, the Portland Marathon has declared themselves to be “MP3 Player Friendly”.

When we run the Portland Marathon in a few weeks, I can let my iPod see the light of day and not spend the race worrying that someone will jump me on the course! (Now if I can just make it over the St. John’s Bridge intact…)

The NFL Streams

The NFL season begins tonight (9/4/2008) with the Giants taking on the Redskins.

What’s so special about that you ask? Well, unlike NBC with the Olympics, the NFL is streaming the entire game LIVE on the web (first time ever). This will be interesting to see how it unfolds – is there a solid revenue model behind streaming? If so, what does it mean for broadcasters/cable?

La Bamba Wins Best Burrito

My all time favorite burrito joint has won a “Best Of” award from the Palo Alto Daily. I’ve been a regular customer since we started iPrint in 1996 and were leasing space from NASA at Moffett Field. It was just a short drive away and way better than the NASA cafeteria food.

Now celebrating 20 years of business, this family-owned restaurant is no stranger to the voting public. La Bamba Taqueria serves traditional Mexican and Salvadorian dishes including the famous nearly foot-long burrito. A model of political transparency, you can watch your burrito as it is made, starting with the bare tortilla and finishing with a tightly wrapped totable lunch. No "mystery meat" here! Don't let the long lines fool you, the staff is quick to handle the masses, proving that the concepts of open government and the Palo Alto Process are not mutually exclusive. Lastly, caution with the salsa, it may not look intimidating but boy, does it bite. 2058 Old Middlefield Road, Mountain View; 650-965-2755

Congrats guys!