10 Years Old - Happy Birthday iPrint

Ten years ago today, myself, Royal Farros and Mike Rubin (Letty Swank wouldn't join until August) convened at the inagural iPrint office next to the windtunnel at NASA/Ames in Mt. View. As the company gets older, our memories get foggier. More than a few folks think we started iPrint on a different day in May, but I an convinced it was on 5/1/1996.

The web was an unknown thing to many and leaving my job to head off into the wild was questioned by my friends, family members and soon-to-be in-laws. We had a lot of ideas on how to revolutionize print via the Web, but our first day was all about getting our new Compaq desktops to work on the in-house network. Sitting at our WWII-era metal desks, we didn't have any idea of the wild ride that was in store for us, culminating in a public offering on the NASDAQ in 2000. There were a lot of extreme highs and lows on the journey -- bittersweet no doubt.

Royal and I went on to start MessageCast in 2002 (Mike joined up that summer). Letty is still running iPrint, along with some of the first 20 hires including Igor and Britta (Igor has been at iPrint for 10 years this June!).

Happy birthday iPrint - wishing you continued success. 

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Hi David, I had a question for you about this post on the amazon.com website. But I could not find an email for you on the blog.
I'm glad iPrint is still around. I have some great memories working with you, Royal and the rest of that team. The leadership of that company was tremendous. I was wondering whether or not Igor was still there. I can honestly say that a lot of what I do and how I do things today goes back to my experience at iPrint and a lot of the philosophies that you and Royal had.
Victor --
Thanks for the kudos!
Igor is indeed still there (same email address)